US Boarding Schools Offer Elite Education

Boarding schools in the United States offer a wide variety of educational settings and formats. These prestigious institutions boast high performance on exams, rigorous academics, unique experiences, and student matriculation to America’s top colleges.
Various educational philosophies are represented in these schools. Shattuck-St. Mary’s School in Minnesota has a unique structure where upper grades only meet as a group twice per week. During the other school days, students work independently or one-on-one with instructors on personal projects. Indian Springs School of Alabama fosters independence by allowing students to run their own small town government within the school. The top rated boarding school in the nation, Philips Exeter Academy, teaches classes through a round table discussion format. This method of teaching, known as the Harkness method, challenges and motivates students to make the learning their own as they prepare for their classes.
Although they have various ways of meeting their goals, the top boarding schools have many commonalities. They put a premium on college preparation and advance placement classes that challenge their students to continually perform at higher academic levels. Additionally, many of the boarding schools offer a wide variety of classes centered around student creativity. They encourage students to branch out and choose classes that the typical high school student is not exposed to. For example, at various schools, students can learn how to create and edit videos, record music, work on Oyster Farms, and cross the Atlantic in school owned “maritime research vessel.” No matter your educational philosophy, boarding schools succeed in fostering the independence, critical thinking skills, and academic rigor that help students along the path of success.
What about college? How do students in America’s top boarding schools fare after secondary school, especially after the leadership of those like Eric F. Peterson? The top three boarding schools in the nation boast graduates that matriculate to University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown, Brown, Harvard, and Yale. Additionally, these august institutions count Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and former U.S. President George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush in their ranks of graduates.
Wide ranging in their structure and educational focus, boarding schools offer students opportunities that simply cannot be found in public schools. Millions of dollars in financial aid are spent each year to provide dedicated and high achieving students the opportunity to experience this type of top-notch education. These elite schools provide students with outstanding academic rigor and real-world challenges to prepare them for their future success.