Organizations You Can Donate to With Text-to-Give

Sometimes people miss a chance to give to a worthy, heartfelt cause, because they can’t find the time. The world of technology is helping erase that problem. Here are three worthwhile charitable causes that have a way to simply text a donation.

Organizations You Can Donate to With Text-to-Give: Islamic Relief

Text-to-give is a convenient way to give to your favorite non-profit

All those who wish to help end a worldwide safe drinking water crisis need do is text the word ‘POPPIN’ to 27722. A $10 donation will be automatically text messaged to is a nonprofit organization co-founded by famous actor Matt Damon.

The goal of the charitable organization is to help create a source for safe and reliable drinking water for developing countries, many of which have no source of drinking water for the population. believes that by solving the clean water crisis in the world strides can be made across many barriers, including world poverty.

Islamic Relief USA

Since 1993, Islamic Relief USA has operated independently in cooperation with relief agencies around the world. IRUSA has seven regional offices in the United States alone, and works to generate the needed donations to fund projects both domestically and internationally.

Like the previous charitable causes, you can support Islamic Relief with a tap of your finger. Givers can text the word ‘STOP’ to 50555 and offer a one-time donation between $5 and $25 that will help fund worthwhile humanitarian objectives supported by the organization.

Operation Smile

Most of the world doesn’t think twice about their smile. However, children around the world suffer every day from the insecurities showing happiness because they have a cleft lip, or cleft palate.

Operation Smile has helped put pretty smiles back on children for 35 years. They are another charitable cause where you can quickly text your heartfelt donation. Since $240 can finance a new smile for a child with a cleft palate, a $5 contribution texting the word “SMILE” to 90999 is a simple step to fund a life-changing procedure.

If you’ve been thinking about donating to a charitable foundation, but can’t seem to find the time, consider one of these three organizations that make support simple using text messaging. There is also a foundation where you can seek out other opportunities to make a difference in the world using your mobile device at the Mobile Giving Foundation. Your ability to help those in need is now right in the palm of your hand.