New Development Coming to Baltimore

Metropolitan Partnership Ltd. and Madison Marquette recently announced plans to build a 33-story, 404-foot glass building near Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. The property located on Light Street had formally been a parking lot, but the Virginia developer has proposed to construct a mixed-use building that will feature both apartments and offices. According to the plan the building will have 10 floors of offices, about 340 apartments and a 646-spot parking garage. It is just the type of new property development Baltimore needs to meet the growing needs of local residents and business people.

Last summer a proposal to build a 22-story apartment project at the cost of $110 million was approved and about $28 million in bonds to build the parking garage was raised by the Baltimore Development Corporation. The decision to add 10 floors of offices may have influenced by M&T Bank’s need for office space. Cary M. Euwer Jr., Metropolitan’s CEO, says the added office space is designed to help develop the financial district and support the company’s other Light Street projects on the key downtown block.

This type development has long been what stakeholders envisioned for the area and has the backing of city leaders and the Downtown Partnership. It meets their urban design and architecture desires and could spur further development, transform the President Street area and benefit the city long-term. Although questions still remain about the viability of the area as a live-work-play zone so close to Little Italy’s small row homes, many are excited about what the project could mean for the city’s future. Many other residential and commercial developments have been proposed.

There is another proposal for a 16 story tower with apartments and retail space. Planning director Thomas J. Stosur and other city leaders are excited about the vitality the projects will bring to the President Street area and downtown Baltimore in general. There is now growing momentum for the area to grow, development and be transformed into something of which people can be proud. The challenge is to have the new development be compatible with the established neighbors. But the proposed projects will create jobs, stimulate economic growth and create yet another destination for visitors and Baltimore residents to visit and enjoy.

These projects are an encouraging sign that hint about a new vibrancy for President Street, One Light Street and the downtown area in general. They show that positive changes are coming to the area.

10 Ways to Promote Your Music

1. Find your Niche

The first step to getting your music to the masses is knowing which masses you’re aiming at. Figure out how you want to brand yourself and your music and stick with it. Get to know people working in your genre and the fans.

2. Start Small

Just like any venture, music promotion won’t happen overnight and planting the seed is one of the earliest steps you should take. Don’t overbook yourself and don’t release too much at once. It’s easy to spread yourself thin quickly. Make sure that everything you’re releasing to the public is 100% manageable. Continue reading

Mixed-tapes; The Sonnet of Today

Going-steady in high-school has always meant a couple of things. Firstly, your parents were going to have a few awkward conversations with you. Secondly, you weren’t going to listen. Most importantly, somewhere in the relationship, a mixed-tape (or CD in later years) was going to find its way into your locker.

The cool thing about a mixed-tape is that no two are alike. Peter Gabriel is going to be on at least one that you receive in your life-time, but each mix is going to be unique, if not always exactly what you were hoping for. Continue reading

5 Different Software Programs that Help Mix Music

Mixing audio is no longer a task that needs to be done in an expensive studio. Musician’s everyday are learning that they are able to complete this task with a computer and the right software. There is currently a wide variety of software that will allow you to complete your mixes but only five are highly recommended.

If you are new to mixing and don’t want to spend a lot of money then Audacity is for you. This software is able to be used on Windows, Mac, and UNIX systems. Audacities allows you to record audio, upload audio, alter the audio levels, and change the pitch or tempo of the mix, and even record over existing tracks. Audacity has been ranked in the top 5 because it is easy to use which means that a person with little to no mixing or audio recording skills will be able to start using to program without having to learning a lot of technical information. In addition to being easy to use, this software is free to download. Continue reading