Best Islamic Organizations to Follow on Facebook

Literally thousands of innocent human beings are displaced every day because of civil conflict in their native land. Many of those people have nowhere to turn for aid. Since a vast number of the displaced are from Islamic countries, organizations have focused their efforts on getting these people the essential aid they need. Here are 3 dedicated charitable Islamic organizations that are using the social media outlet Facebook to document the daily struggles of refugees.

Association of British Muslims (AoBM)

Established in the late 19th century, the Association of British Muslims (AoBM) is the oldest standing organization of Muslims in the United Kingdom. With Europe being center stage in a world struggling with Islamic refugees, the AoBM is leading voice of reason in a global crisis.

Using informative posts and promotional causes supporting Islamic sympathies, the AoBM is a uniquely qualified representation of Muslims around the globe. The Association of British Muslims Facebook page has detailed historical accounts of how Muslims have been a part of the British community for centuries.


Islamic Relief USA

For over a quarter century, Islamic Relief USA has been striving to work together for a better world for all people. They provided essential aid to more than 9 million Syrian refugees. IRUSA continues to organize causes that secure the necessary funds to help feed and clothe people who are displaced from their homes.

Through the humanitarian efforts of the Islamic Relief USA, people who were devoid of hope, now have a chance to survive. The IRUSA Facebook page documents both the struggles and the heroic work of those who donate to this worthy cause.


Muslim Charity

The Muslim Charity site is helping to bring hope to thousands across the war-devastated regions in the Middle East and Eastern Africa. Over 80,000 people follow the social media campaign of Muslim Charity’s Facebook page.

Muslim Charity is another of the United Kingdom based relief efforts, which help secure the necessary financial funding to operate a number of humanitarian efforts for refugees. Muslim Charity was awarded a 2017 Humanitarian Award in London for its efforts rescuing street children and providing maternal education to mothers, so they can learn to provide healthy support for their children.
Charitable organizations around the globe are turning the vital resource of social media to allow people to see the true picture of a world of refugees in need. These three organizations use their Facebook pages to help build a better world for all.